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Ah yes

The only reason I was part of this discourse, which I still don't know how people can be so dense and not understand what it is we said but, whatever, is because I chose to side with my friends who had extremely valid points.

Holy shit how time flies

I haven't been here on livejournal for almost ten years and man what a trip it is to come back @_@ //not that anyone I was following is still here
wow... can't believe this thing is still alive.....
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I can’t tell who over-reacts more in Yu-Gi-Oh any more.

#we do #the audience

None of us have stolen someones soul for losing a card game though…

Are you sure about that

I’m not sure of anything when it comes to this God-damn fandom. 

just did a little spring cleaning

ee! I'm tempted to come back to livejournal for my writing... might be seeing more of me

Jul. 18th, 2012

wow, long time no see LJ >_>

Words to Think About

We live in a world now where we are interconnected like never before. Now there is no reason for anyone to say ‘ignorance is bliss’. If you are unaware, find out. If you are uneducated, then learn. We can stop bullying in all forms, regardless of age. We can rise up like never before and watch as atrocities slowly, but surely, fall by the wayside. If we can learn to love one another like never before, love our fellow man for what makes us different, instead of what makes us the same, oh how this world could change.


only thing I'll say outside the cut is NOW the franchise makes sense (for the most part anyway) - like why Link has blond hair in some of the games and brown in others...

Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword Spoilers/ramblings - I UNDERSTAND SOME SHIT NOWCollapse )

A few rambling spoilers among many more and no, I haven't beaten the game yet. i was getting annoyed and wanted to see the end so the end I saw :D


Well, didn't do half of what I planned on doing today, but I have written, and rewritten a small chunk of the rework of my original story, chapter tentatively titled "The Village of Eden". Also raided Trader Joes *0*

AND FUCK YES. MINT CHOCOLATE M&M'S ARE IN SEASON BITCHES <3 (and I paid almost half price XD haha 8D).

Not to mention the weather was fucking gorgeous on the South Hill today. I smelled smoke in the air though so there must have been a forest fire somewhere around Spokane County :[ I love how I can be somewhere on the hill and have it look as if it's an entirely foreign city. It's changed that much from when I grew up.

However, the sun still shines against the golden leaves and reminds me of just how beautiful this city really is. >3< ♥

Incomplete Album List

Purchased or obtained for free through legal means through the artists or other. List combines big label and Indie artists *0*

(PS: I LOVE THIS FUCKING SONG *rocks out* and since the full title wouldn't fit in the music space; Basshunter Vs Flo-Rida Vs Reel 2 Real - Move Round To Saturday (DJ Cut-Up) - Saturday Vs Right Round Vs I Like To Move It (Kevin Sweeney))

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